Status Groups

Status Group 1: Students

of Kiel University, University of Applied Sciences Kiel, Muthesius KHS, incl. international students, trainees at the stated institutions and the Studentenwerk
-upon presentation of corresponding, valid proof-

Status Group 2: Employees

of the under Status Group 1 stated institutions as well as the UKSH, Geomar, IPN, Institute for the World Economy, Studentenwerk, Members of the association Alumni Kiel e.V.,Members of the association „Kontaktstudium nach Beruf und Familie an der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel“, employees of institutions of the campusciencecnonomy park at CAU.
-upon presentation of corresponding, valid proof-

Status Group 3: Externals

All those not belonging to the groups of people stated under Staus Group 1 and 2, excluding those stated under Status Group 4.

Status Group 4: Externals granted reduction

Students of a university, university of applied sciences, or college, who do not belong to the circles of students stated under Status Group 1 (also WAK and VerwFH Altenholz), Trainees, Students, Children (only for seperate children's offers), people with disabilities, people doing a Voluntary Year of Social Service or Federal Voluntary Service , people receiving social security under Hartz IV, pensioners.
-upon presentation of corresponding, valid proof-