Terms & Conditions

Fee Overview


Effective 9 Aug., 2018.

Please note: If you just sign up for a prebooking list without payment of any fees, you can ignore the points regarding to the fees and especially the cancellation conditions. In this case, these don’t apply to you.

Our conditions of participation

For participating in the offers of university sports, it is principally necessary to have reached the age of 18. Students enrolled at a university are excluded from this rule. Furthermore, external minors participating in offers that are explicitly directed at children and youths (for example children’s gymnastics, swimming courses for children) are excluded from the rule. Further exceptions are possible; however, they need to be cleared with the sports center management in advance.

For participating in the activities, it is necessary to book a fee or a course, respectively. Magnet stripe cards function as the holder of a number which is used for control purposes. Further data are not saved on the card. Once purchased, cards are non-transferable. Together with the booking of the respective fee, they are considered as proof of eligibility for the respective sports offer. With the booking of a course, a card is not necessary. A card does not necessarily issue eligibility for using the locker rooms and showers. Lost or stolen cards will be replaced. The costs of €3 for a card will arise in any case. A taking back of the cards because of injury- or health-related reasons is principally not possible. Misusages of any kind will result in a house ban.

Cancellation policy

By submitting the invoice or paying the participation fee, the booking of a service is considered to be binding.

Afterwards, a withdrawal is only possible under the following conditions:

  • In the case of a serious illness or injury that does not allow participation in the booked service for more than one month or permanently. The Sports or Sailing Center, respectively, has to be informed immediately, either by letter or email (address below). In any case, for recognition of the withdrawal reason, a medical statement has to be presented.
  • In the case of relocation or change of location, through which the distance to the sports facility or venue becomes unacceptable.


Cancellation is generally ruled out in the event that 50% of the booked service has already been provided by the sports center or the sailing center.

The cancellation must be made in writing to the sports center (Olshausenstrasse 74, 24118 Kiel) or to the sailing center (Soling 34, 24159 Kiel). E-mails are to be sent to info@usz.uni-kiel.de or to the sailing center at info@segeln.uni-kiel.de.

However, the person entitled to withdraw can provide a substitute person exclusively at the time of cancellation. This possibility applies only up to the time of the first provision of services by the sport or sailing center. The substitute has to meet the necessary requirements for participation. In this case no cancellation fees will be charged. Otherwise, 10% of the participation fee will be withheld in any case, provided that the cancellation was made before the beginning of the course, otherwise proportionally in the amount of the service already provided, but at least 10% of the fee. Moreover, €3 service fee will be charged with every cancelled booking.

As a general rule, single tickets and tickets of ten cannot be returned. Nevertheless, they can be passed on to persons of the same status group.

Diving Excursions and Courses with External Partners

Please notice that different cancellation conditions apply for diving excursions, or courses which we offer in cooperation with external partners (for example surfing, skydiving) respectively. These are listed with the latest course information in each case.

Transfer Bookings

Transfers and Re-Bookings free of charge are generally only possible within one kind of sports and until the beginning of the course. Emerging cost differences must either be compensated or will be refunded. Transfer bookings from one sport to another will be treated as cancellations and new bookings.


Should banks charge fees for chargebacks due to objection, lack of account coverage or flawed account details, the exact amount, but at least €3, will be invoiced back to you, provided that the reasons for the chargeback are not demonstrably caused by us.

Privacy Policy

The personal data -  if needed for justification, execution and termination of this contractual relationship - are used exclusively for the settlement of the contract concluded between the CAU and the participant, for example as a subscriber administration with associated control funcition. These data will be saved for two semesters respectivly, until they are deleted. The personal data collected by us are processed within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation and the National Data Protectoion Act (LDSG).
You have the opportunity to request information about the data stored by us at any time.

Encryption of Bank Data

Transfer of bank details in order to place a debit entry for participation fees follows a safe, certified encryption method.


The university sports cards or participant IDs will be checked at the information desk at the sports forum, as well as with mobile devices. Those who want to do sports, shower or change at the Sports Forum, need to have either a valid university sports card/student ID, a registration confirmation for a course, or an admission ticket. Inspections will also be carried out at the outdoor facilities. Those who are found to be without a valid card or booking have to expect to be expelled from the facilities and given a house ban.


Crime doesn’t pay! The sports facilities of the Sports Center are under video surveillance. Every theft will be reported to the police and a house ban will be imposed on the thief.

Liability, damages, theft

Liability claims or claims for damages are not recognized by the sports center. We strongly advise our visitors to leave money and valuables at home. Please lock your personal belongings in the lockers intended for this purpose. In order to lock the lockers, you need your own padlock. Due to security reasons, we advise you to use a padlock with a shackle thickness of 10mm. Please remove your lock immediately after use. Every day after the end of working hours, the employees of the sports center are required to open all locks that have not been removed. The contents of the lockers will be recovered and can be picked up at the care taker’s office.

General Insurance Information

The Unfallkasse Nord (address: Seekoppelweg 5a, 24113 Kiel) covers the statutory accident insurance for participants of university sports, provided they are students at a university in Schleswig-Holstein. Since the number of persons already insured under the social security statutes is very extensive, we do not want to provide any further generally binding information.

The Unfallkasse always decides on your compulsory insurance in the context of an individual assessment. Therefore, an accident report form should be filled in with every sport-related accident. This has to be handed in at the care takers’ office at the sports forum.

With sports-related injuries resulting from participation in university sports, you should give the relevant details to the physician to treat the injury first. In this way, the health and accident insurance can coordinate on the respective sports accident.

If you have any specific questions, you can direct those directly to the Unfallkasse Schleswig-Holstein under the phone number 0431-64071220 or via email at ukn@uk-nord.de.

Further information on how to deal with accidents can also be found here.      

Insurance Conditions for the Sailing Center

Accident insurance is provided by the university (for students and employees of CAU) and/or your own health insurance. Personal effects (for example glasses) are not insured.

Our boats have liability and hull insurances. Any sailor will be made responsible for damages that they could have avoided due to their knowledge. If the sailor has no personal liability insurance, they at least bear the deductible costs (€125 for dinghies and €375 for yachts).

Important for externals:
There is no additional insurance cover on the part of the university. Participation in all offers within the realm of university sports takes place at your own risk. This also applies to the immediate family of university employees.

Cancelled lessons

Should instructors not be able to conduct the lesson on short notice, there will be a substitute as far as possible. If a cancellation becomes necessary, a notice will be posted or given out via email on short notice. There could be the offer to carry out the training without an instructor. In this case, the service is considered as provided on the part of the USZ, the respective participation requirements have to be fulfilled, especially payment of the necessary fees. In this case, participation happens at your own risk.

Events of university sports need to be cancelled once in a while to accommodate to the competitions of the German University Championship, internal university tournaments and other internal events. You can find information at the latest one week in advance at the infowall opposite the stairs leading to the changing rooms, or at the respective gyms, as well as on the internet.