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Kiel University is a partner of top-class sports


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Kiel University and the German University Sports Federation (short: adh) see themselves in a position of responsibility towards students, to fashion studying and general conditions, for the public benefit, in a way that a commitment to top-class sport is compatible with a university education.

As a consequence, the retcor of Kiel University submitted a declaration concerning studying possibilites for top athletes.

Based on this declaration from 14 November 2002, the German University Sports Federation awards the title "Partner University of Top-Class Sport" to Kiel University.

Since the adh signed the framework agreement for promotion of German top athletes jointly with the DSB, DSW, the Deutsche Sporthilfe and the Conference of University Rectors, the number of universities participating in this initiative has increased to by now over 80. An overwhelming success which shows that universities have recognized the reasonability of giving opportunities to top athletes to reconcile high training effort with a fruitful course of studies. At Kiel University, mostly sailors and beach volleyball players profit from the initiative.


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