3. CAU Tower Race 2017

The 3. CAU Tower Race is history. We thank all participants for the relaxed atmosphere and their commitment. Thanks to all of the volunteers and the orga team including Gerrit Kröger, Torben Herber, Michael Pohl, Hendric Weiser and Jan Karczweski. Also, thanks to Matthias Burmeister for the moving pictures and Stefan Paeth and his Team for the technical equipment. We thank our partners Wittenseer Quelle and Zippel´s Läuferwelt for their support. Many thanks to the press office for the medial support and the presidium for the authorization and the ideational support. Last but not least, we give our thanks to our colleagues for their tolerance on this extraordinary work day at the CAU tower.

Photo gallery

Tv report by Sat1regional (in German)

Press release (in German)