Trial Diving

Would you like to get to know the fantastic underwater world a little better? Do you want to do a diving course, but you are not quite sure, if it is the right thing for you? Just try this trial diving course to figure it out!

Weightlessly gliding through water?
Staying underwater as long as you like?
Experiencing the world from an unknown perspective?

All this is offered to you by the trial diving course. For a lot of people, it is the underwater dream of flying come true. Just try it out – under ideal conditions with fantastic visibility in the sweet water pool of 24°C.

At the beginning, you will meet for a small theoretical instruction, which teaches you about your exciting trip to the underwater world.
How does ear clearing work? What kinds of equipment do I wear on my back? How do I move optimally? To be able and allowed to dive on your own, you need a Basic Diver license. At trial diving you can find out if that is something you would like to do.

Here, you will be introduced to a new dimension, under conditions that are manageable for everyone and absolutely safe. Very well educated diving instructors as well as the latest and newest equipment will make trial diving an experience you will never forget.  

Please note:
For this offer, you do not have to sign a waiver of liability. Before participation, you need to sign and submit a written form making a statement about your health.