Basic Diver (Sport Diving)


Aim of the course:

You should have been acquainted with the theoretical and practical basics of sport diving. After successfully completing the course, you should be equipped with basic knowledge and abilities for safe sport diving.

Minimum age:

12 years. Minors need a signed consent form of a parent or guardian.

Required level of training:

None required.

Further requirements:

You need a valid medical statement of fitness for diving. This certificate cannot be older than 2 years, alternatively, from an age of 40 onward not older than 1 year.

Special regulations:

  • All exercises must be performed in a swimming pool or in open water with conditions similar to those of a swimming pool.
  • Upon presentation of a CMAS-Apnoe-diving license, which is not older than 3 years, the equivalent exercises with ABC-equipment are omitted.


CMAS Diving Instructors * - ****

Training Units:


Learning Content:

You will learn the basics of sport diving with and without a scuba device.

Examination Content:

Theoretical Examination based on the CMAS

Exercises with ABC-equipment:

  • 30 sec. time dive
  • 25m distance diving or 20m with wetsuit
  • within 1 min. 3x 2-5m deep diving
  • 20 min. time snorkelling at a minimum 500m distance (breast, side, back position and with 1 flipper, 5 min. each)
  • 50m snorkelling to one scuba diver who stays at 2-5 m depth, bringing them to the surface and transporting them over 50m at the surface
  • Hopping into the water twice, with full equipment, from 50cm (different jumps)


Exercises with diving gear:

  • Putting down the scuba tank in 2-5m depth, diving away 10m, diving back and putting on the scuba tank again.
  • Distance diving in 2-5m depth. For the first half, breathing from the partner’s second regulator, during the second half, breathing from a suggested buddy breathing.
  • Putting down the mask in 2-5m depth, diving one minute without the mask, putting the mask on again and blowing it out. Subsequently, slow ascent without diving regulator to the water surface, continuous release of breathing air.
  • In 2-5m depth, taring through blowing breathing air into the jacket. Subsequently, staying in hovering mode for 3 minutes.
  • 10 min. of time snorkelling with full gear


The diving instructor evaluates the written examination and the practical exercises to see whether the respective course aim has been achieved.


As proof of your achievement, you will get a sticker for your diving pass as well as a certificate.