Diving Center

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The Diving Center at Kiel University

Fun – Adventure – Fascination

Diving offers you the possibility of getting to know a new and exceptional world. Diving is one of the most beautiful and safest sports of today. Let yourself be enchanted by the multiplicity and colorfulness of our planet’s underwater world. Simply submerging, forgetting time and stress, gliding weightlessly trough the water and only concentrating on you.

The Diving Center offers ideal conditions for any diving activity. Through our location directly at the Baltic Sea and the university swimming pools, we can offer you the best prerequisites for comfortable and safe diving. For our education and further training there is a highly qualified team with a lot of experience, flexibility and state-of-the-art equipment.

Please note: This page does not represent the TUK e.V.

The “Diving Sports Student Group of Kiel University (TUK e.V.)” exists since 1986 as an independent association with close relations to the university. The “Diving Center of Kiel University”, which was founded in 2010, and the “Diving Sports Student Group of Kiel University” aim for a cooperative coexistence. To TUK e.V. page