Competitive Sports

At Kiel University Sports, competitive sport has different levels. Ambitious athletes can compete at the German University Campionship, the adh Open or the adh Trophy with students from all over Germany.

There is also a possibility to participate in supra-regional popular sports events like the Förde Cup Trampoline in Kiel or the "Euro Konstanzia" in Constance.

Locally, especially the soccer, basketball and volleyball varsity teams provide you with the opportunity for sporting competitions.


German University Campionships, adh-Open, adh-Trophy

You can find information about the different competitions of the adh (German University Sports Federation) on their event calendar (in German).

Currently, the following short competition announcements are out:


Judo (Tender in German)

Water polo (in German)

Jujitsu (Tender in German)

Teakwondo (Tender in German)

Boxing adh-Trophy 2019 (Tender in German)

Competition 2019: Soccer (male) and Tennis-Team (Tender in German)

Alpine Skiing 2019 (Tender in German)