Offers charging additional fees


You need:
  • An HSP (magnetic stripe) card (German: Hochschulsportkarte)

You can get one at the university sports office at Olshausenstraße 74. If this is your first card or if you need a new one, please bring a photo (if available), your identity card and a current student ID or a certificate of your current employment.


  • HSP card: €3 (single payment)
  • Semester fee: students €12 / employees €30


Please note: If you book this fee, it inculdes eligibility for  this area.


You can either book online and pay by direct debit or pay in cash at the university sports office. Your status (student or staff member) must be proven on demand by a student ID or an employment certificate in combination with a photo ID.

The permission for participation will be registered in the administration system and is verified electronically by the magnetic stripe card. The card must be presented upon request at any time.