Sports Forum 1 + 2 Rules & Regulations

These rules apply to all areas of the Sports Forum (indoor and outdoor Facilities). Special rules apply to the swimming pools and the gymnasium additionally. 

§1 Purpose of the house and gym rules

  1. The house and gym rules serve the security, order and cleanliness of the Sports Forum. Respecting the rules therefore is in the interest of every visitor. 
  2. By entering the Sports Forum, visitors acknowledge the terms of the house and gym rules. Moreover, they commit to follow all orders regarding the operational safety. 
  3. At events (tournaments, club training, school sports, etc.) the instructors or teachers, respectively, are jointly responsible for all participants and visitors to comply with these house and gym rules. 

§2 Rights of use and opening hours 

  1. During lecture period, sports students (at request of the staff, evidence must be provided at all times) are entitled to use all gyms (special regulation for the fitness room) during 8.00 am – 4.00 pm, if there are free capacities.
  2. Schools and clubs are only allowed to use the gym parts requested by them during the requested times. Access to the changing rooms 15 min before the beginning of the training time at the earliest. After 4.00 pm access only with club membership card or together with the instructors.
  3. Other users of the Sports Forum including the swimming pools are required to present proof of their usage right upon request of the staff by:
    • unrequested presentation of a valid HSP or VFG ID with a valid booking,
    • unrequested presentation of a valid confirmation of course registration,
    • buying of a ticket.
  4. During lecture-free periods, the opening hours will be announced through special notices. 


§3 Behavior at the Sports Forum

  1. Sport Forum visitors should behave in a way that does not impair security and order and in a way that does not endanger or harass others. 
    Especially not allowed is:
    • Disadvantage or discriminate against people because of racist motives, because of their ethnic and/or social origin, their gender, their religion or worldview, because of a disability or chronic disease, their age and/or sexual orientation or identity.
    • Sexually harassing other people²,
    • Taking photos or filming, exception permits are given out by the Sports Center management,
    • Any conduct of trade or advertising for a trade without permission of the Sports Center,
    • Throwing away trash outside the provided containers,
    • Taking animals with you,
    • Smoking, in all spaces,
    • Jumping into the gyms from the upper levels,
    • Entering the swimming pool area with street or sports shoes (flip flops are allowed),
    • Entering the gyms with shoes that have also be worn outside,
    • Taking bags and street wear into the gyms,
  2. The facilities are to be treated with care. The visitor is liable for all damages caused by them, unless they prove that they were not at fault. 


§4 Liability

  1. The sports center does not recognize liability claims or claims for compensation. It is highly recommended that you leave money and valuables at home. 


§6 Supervision

  1. In the interest of all visitors, the staff has to make sure that the terms of these house and gym rules are observed, therefore their instructions are to be followed. 
  2. The staff is authorized to expel visitors from the sports forum who violate the house and gym rules and disregard given instructions. If such a call is not followed, criminal complaints will be filed. 
  3. If there are gross violations or staff instructions are repeatedly disregarded, a ban on entering the house can be imposed. We point to the right of reply at the Sports Center management.

We hereby point to the separate swimming pool rules and regulations and gymnasium rules and regulations.


The manager
of the CAU Kiel Sports Center


²Compare for § 3 of the AGG (German General Equal Treatment Act), "undesirable sexually determined behavior, including undesirable sexual acts and calls for them, sexual physical contact, remarks of sexual content as well as unwanted pointing and visible attachment of pornographic representations"