Gymnasium Rules & Regulations


  1. If devices are changed or reconstructed, the initial state has to be restored (the crank of the asymmetric bars, for example)
  2. Climbing ropes have to be pulled in again after use
  3. Devices that have been moved from the gymnasium have to be returned
  4. For methodological reasons necessary device setups need to be taken down after use. The devices need to be returned to their original place.
  5. The mats are to be distributed logically to the devices. Do not make piles.
  6. After use, big vaulting boxes need to be re-assembled and returned to the equipment room.
  7. After use, small vaulting boxes also need to be returned to the equipment room.
  8. Mini trampolines need to be returned to their original place beside the door after use.
  9. If necessary, roll up the rug for the jumping track. Do not crease it.
  10. Pull up the rings again after use.
  11. Do not store bags and rucksacks in the gym. Equipment like high bar straps, drinks or other aids that are necessary for training or competitions can be brought into the gym in a suitable container. In any case, the equipment room is not a changing room.
  12. Repetitive failure to comply with these rules can lead to a ban from using the gymnasium.
  13. Violations of these rules need to be reported to the caretaker immediately. He or she will contact the sports center management.


The manager of the Sports Center