11. CAU Futsal Cup 2018

After successful events in previous years, University Sports of CAU Kiel and the Football Association of Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (SHFV) want to host the next Cup.

The Football Association of Schleswig-Holstein e.V. and Kiel University Sports also want to take the fun of original indoor soccer to the students and employees of Schleswig-Holstein's universities.

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What is Futsal anyway?

Futsal (spanish: FUTbol SALa = Football in a hall) is the FIFA and UEFA's official indoor football and is already played as a competitive sport in approximately 100 countries worldwide. Futsal needs a special (Futsal)ball, which does not jump like a normal ball. This results in playing rather than slamming. Moreover, the rules are different, because body contact is only allowed in limited ways. Thus, unfairness leads to actual disadvantages in the game. Futsal is played on regular handball goals and without rails. One goalkeeper and four field players form a team, which can however have up to seven substitute players. The advantage of futsal is the smaller number of injuries, because the ball does not jump that high and tacklings are forbidden.

(German Source: Futsal Flyer „Futsal & Verein“ of the NFV, March 2007)